Sunday, 18 September 2011

Brrrr Cold

This is not the actual image I wanted to post of what has to be the best dressed of all the fashion editors on parade at a fashion week near you, no the image I wanted was from the web site shot by Tommy Ton, but it was a 'print screen' only and I'm just way too lazy for that so bear with me.

What originally caught my eye was not the dress (which is hideous) but her hair of course, just to ram home a point I love the way she frequently ties it up, it was after that I realised the incongruity of the scarf. Giovanna does do good scarf, but with short sleeves? Then of course you see the raging nipple erection and realise the scarf is really needed before hypothermia sets in, as her body fat must be below 15%.
Then I did some research and she is really very good with a scarf, I now covet some heavy silk numbers to tie closely like this too.

This is even more of a contradiction when you realise her dress skims her bum! but I love the Turkish style wrap, plus warm ears = warm butt.

One of my favourites of her, both these illustrate a nice tidy scarf, and both illustrate the early days when practicality won over fashion, and to be honest she looks better for it.

OK sandals plus scarf?


materfamilias said...

She's gorgeous and she wears scarves well, but yeah, I find the incongruity or the dissonance or whatever bothersome. It's either cold enough for a scarf or it's not. And if it is, the bare arms & legs don't make sense. Certainly, if you're out somewhere and it gets cooler than you planned for, it makes sense to whip your scarf out of your bag or wherever, or borrow one if you can, to take the edge off the cold. But to deliberately leave home like that just reads wrong to me. Of course, I'm old and stodgy and I like my creature comforts . . .

Mary W. said...

I got a good laugh from the photo with the yellow pants--which look ready to fall down off her nonexistent hips. Would love to see her run in those heels--I know the tottering mincing steps that women wearing high heels take are supposed to drive men wild, but practical?