Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I heart Jil Sander

Well of course I can really only afford +J Uniqlo and of course Jil Sander no longer designs for...Jil Sander, so in fact for the last few years the collections she has produced for Uniqlo have been the nearest thing you can get to her.
I love what she does, it is a severe dress code and not one I could probably stick too, yet it has much to recommend. Sadly my shoulders have been a little meaty for her designs, but I have acquired some trousers and skirts in the sale that have all been very successful, and my black rain coat I can't imagine ever not owning, so if you can, do invest.

On my wish list from her grand finale are these two divine pieces, neither available just yet, but hopefully I will be successful if they go on line soon. They of course break all my new years resolutions, more of them tomorrow. But what are resolutions for if not to break?

This scrummy coat will go online at 1am tomorrow, but I would struggle to justify the price tag, and will regret doing so if it snows continuously from October onwards.

These trousers are being worn today, reduced by 70% they are so lovely, if a little roomy, they have the perfect cuffed bottom as well as a seam down the back which makes the fit superb.

You can read more about the collection here

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