Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Oxford Somnambulist

It was off to Oxford to see my mother for the bank holiday weekend with all 3 children in tow… We go by coach as I have no car which is fine once you are on it but getting across Victoria station is not easy with luggage and a wandering 6 year old.
Leyla and Kitty are always spectacularly badly behaved when they go away together all competing for attention, put them in a small terrace house with 48 hours of rain and the result is a high stress count all round.
As usual I am transformed into a somnambulist unable to galvanise myself into doing anything.
My mothers house is small but pretty, full of clutter that Kitty and Leyla play with, all three of my children tend to treat her as a cash cow to be milked whilst she remains employed. Retirement looms like an unwelcome gift to be left unopened for as long as possible. Although dragging yourself from such a lovely view will be hard(the photo of a view through a window is the view from her desk at work.)
One bonus has been to collect some fresh collage material as my mother throws nothing away so I have some lovely tissue paper to play with next week.
Back home I have escaped to work as the house contains my bored and irritable partner who cant leave me alone for 5 minutes.

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