Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Dear Emin, 21 things I hate abut you

1. Never flushes the toilet or puts the seat down. Good thing here is the toilet seat in the new house won’t stay up so he has no choice.
2. Shaves his head in the bath and does not rinse it. Everyone else is shouted at if they so much as leave a partial strand in the sink.
3. Is rude to kitty and never has a good word to say to her or about her. This has made her strong and difficult to bully.
4. Favours his own daughter Leyla in every argument. He has created a monster.
5. Will drive to the ends of the earth to help friends and family but questions every journey I make in the car especially if it involves Daisy and Kitty.
6. Eats and leaves, never clears up any mess he makes, yet if anyone else forgets to put a plate in the sink he shouts.
7. Throws paper on the floor never uses a rubbish bin.
8. Has a dog but never walks it or feeds it despite having not worked for 3 months, so after a long day at work I still have to walk him and pick up s**t.
9. Never brings me tea when I am ill.
10. Mows the lawn and call it gardening.
11. Belittles any art work I do, any exhibition I see, my clothes, my music.
12. Uses the dining room table as a work shop so no one can eat together.
13. Shouts down the phone and gets over excited over the least little thing.
14. Thinks only of himself and his daughter.
15. Eats like a pig.
16. Drives badly yet criticises others.
17. Has allowed his sister to live rent free for 5 years whilst watching every penny I spend.
18. Constantly uses crude language and talks too much.
19. Filled the house with photos of Leyla and no one else.
20. Watches complete crap on tele and switches over no matter who is watching first.
21. Arrogant beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

I could go on but felt 100% better after writing this. I am sure an appendix will be written before the year is out. Yes sadly I do love him, Leyla is the cement that binds us together. Despite his worship of her his expectations have only served to alienate her from him. He is now unemployed for the third time since I have known him with no sign of a job. Yet he insists on having an Au pair and making us all share the financial burden of his days of leisure.

To put him in context he is a Turkish/Cypriot and wears his religion and politics on his sleeve like a badge of honour. We tend to feel a lot of pity for him and spend our lives trying to make him a better, kinder more sensitive person…..we can but dream

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Anonymous said...

emin has a hard working film crew shoot a video for him but did not pay the hard working employees mayb the filthy rich dont care about hard working crew members strugling to make aliving in the already unstable and cutthroat fim buisness pay your employees