Thursday, 10 May 2007

Old and the new

Recently found on my office wall which has more layers than a lasagne were these fragments of paper with patterns drawn they must be many years old and were a welcome surprise. The painting is a test strip for some new paintings I will paint when I find the time.

The ritual humiliation that is the job interview came and went. the extreme stress of preparing for the teaching observation was intense. The problem is that when you really want the job the wait to hear whether the job is yours seems forever and disappointment is never nice. I have a back up plan which is to spend lots of my budget on treats to oil the path of teaching next year.
What did not help was that in an effort to create space and raise much needed funds I placed various pieces of my wardrobe on eBay. I have at least 64 camisoles so a cull was in order but what hard work it was for so little reward... Taking photos, loading photos, filling in copious amounts of information, sorting out the money, standing in long queues at the post office, it was not worth it.
What little money I made will be frittered away quicker than it was made.
Interestingly some of the cami's did not sell so I re hung them on the coat hanger of shame but to my surprise I was glad to have them back, sometimes the thought of not having something makes you see it with fresh eyes it was like having new clothes.

It was my youngest of 2 middle of 3 daughters parents evening last night. She is dyslexic and really struggles with punctuation, grammar and paragraphing at least she has an excuse what is mine?

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