Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The usual Sunday tantrum

I was woken far too early with this ditty ringing in my ears..

I'm telling

I'm telling

Because you licked my lolly

and you didn't say sorry

and you went to the pond

and kissed James Bond

I'm telling

I'm telling

you went to Batman's wedding

you kissed him

you hugged him

you really really love him

The singer of this witty ditty then managed to conjure out of nowhere no less than three tantrums

Q1. I want to wear Rollerblades to the park

A No they are not yours, they are too big, and it is too dangerous

Q2. Help me get dressed

A No you are 6 years old and more than capable of getting dressed and undressed 20 times a day when the mood suits you

Q3. I want an ice cream from the shop after the park

A No you need to eat lunch and have an ice cream from the freezer at home its cheaper

The grand finale was that there would be no one to play with.. wrong again so I sat and drew whilst dog and child played.

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