Wednesday, 16 May 2007

LOT 31

I have often wondered that if I was given the chance to steal just one painting from a gallery which one would I take. 20 years ago a small Van Gogh painting of a garden made my stomach flip and remained on my wish list for years. More recently a visit to Hamburgs Kunsthalle left me wanting a beautiful Much painting of a woodland scene at night. But last night in New Yorks Sotheby's one of my all time favourite paintings sold for over $72 million Rothko's White center is for me perfection. The colours shapes, depth, mood are utterly lovely and for a brief moment could have been any ones. Some good will come of such extravagance as the Rockerfella's will donate the Money to charity.

Rothko like so many artists does seem to prove Anthoney Storr's theory from the Dynamics of Creation that creativity represents the successful resolution of internal conflicts. Maybe it drives us all.

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