Saturday, 5 May 2007

Essential plants for the garden

The sun came out late today and warmed the backs of the tadpoles, spawn of no less than 8 frogs. This means that the 3 Hosta's next to the pond have not a single hole. I have never seen such a slug free garden what the frogs don't eat the blackbirds polish off.

This is a new house and a new garden, every day has been a pleasure and my list of wants grows longer
1. Ribes
2. Cistus
3. Clematis Montana/Armandi
4. Lavender
5. Hellebore
6. Daphne
7. Ceanothus
8. Buddleia
9. Roses
10. and some Daisy's of course
The ground is dry so a Beth Chatto dry garden will be more appropriate.

The main bug in the garden is Leyla my youngest. Her older half sisters decamp to their dads most weekends so she goes from being the youngest of 3 to an only child. A real handful but a joy too. I have the luxury of having an au pair to look after her, so I am spoilt but that brings its own problems tears and tantrums. I should make her translate the article in the Guardian today so she can appreciate that life could be worse.

Still the bank holiday stretches ahead and I have an interview for one of the impossibly glamorous jobs I applied for so my head is full of smart answers and intelligent questions..I wish.

I shall just enjoy the day.

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Kim Carney said...

we have many of the same plants!