Monday, 21 May 2007

Feeling Blue

Thursday night my youngest nearly killed herself by falling asleep holding the bedside table lamp this had burnt through a feather duvet and was well into the second before she was discovered. Thank god for fire retardant bed linen needless to say it was all my fault as I will insist on having a reading lamp.
On top of this I caught the bug both Daisy and kitty had earlier in the week so whilst I languished in bed the house managed to disintegrate into chaos despite having an Au pair and an unemployed partner in the house. This meant I still had to cook and collect Kitty from swimming.
On Saturday morning I was asked " how much longer I was going to lie in bed" so I doubled the dose of drugs and got up to do my daughters chores and regain some control. Apparently I am ungrateful as I was delivered a bowl of soup even though I asked for a cup of tea and so the Gaza strip which is our relationship struggles on.
I am compiling a list of everything I hate about the man I live with it wont change anything but I know I will feel better
The dark stripes reflect my mood, I am struggling to get lighter.


mueja said...

nice painting

indigo16 said...

Thankyou i think they are a little dark reflecting my mood!