Saturday, 12 May 2007


A very Alice in Wonderland experience on the way to the gym today I spied a very large mushroom that had emerged through 3 inches of tarmac I should have picked and fried it but you never can tell with mushrooms.
Saturday has brought no news on the job front so I am still hopeful. Kitty as usual was up and out to see her dad by 9 o/clock, in stark contrast Daisy had a leisurely breakfast did her chores and went after lunch.
They are so different in every way mental and physical people often struggle to see them as sisters. Daisy is curvy auburn haired very very intelligent, witty, reads all the time, is writing a book, religious, untidy, spends all her money and can be very lazy. Kitty is petite, blond, hyperactive, chatty, dyslexic, sporty, obsessed with time, O.C.D, very tidy, very organised and saves all her money for big things. They share a room and they hate it. Throw into this mix a spoilt 6 year old and its no wonder they high tail it to their dads every weekend.
So all is quiet

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