Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Re Mix

Spent the weekend mixing up some new music combinations for the mp3 player. I have a tendency to listen to the same song over and over so I deleted my favourites and introduce some new tunes from the past inc Moby, Massive Attack, Faithless, anything to get my legs moving down the gym. I also added James who I saw live recently, a birthday treat from my sister. They were fantastic, the last time I saw them live I was pregnant with Daisy so they had aged very well. The bonus being their logo is my daughters namesake so she wants a t shirt. I was a bit of a gig pig before children, now I am lucky to go once a year.

Now the girls are older they have just started to go out alone it is a strange feeling watching them grow into such independent girls.

I have 3 whole days stuck in a room with my A level students whilst they sit their photography exam so I will be developing my adobe skills to catch up with them..

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