Wednesday, 2 May 2007

giving it up for Lent

Some stripes from yesterday work in progress..

I have spent most of the day loading pictures of my art work onto Flickr but I cannot work out how to create a link from this blog page to my flickr site ali.son62. any help would be appreciated. Yesterday was a milestone as I once again passed by a rack of magazines. I have been an addict for years on any subject from art, design, food, travel, interiors, photography, craft. you name it I bought it English, French, Dutch,Japanese, American. But pile after pile takes up room and costs money, the best a dutch publication called Bloom came in at an awesome £36!. So now I am down to 2 subscriptions Vogue and a wonderful independent publication Selvedge

Other addictions I have tried to give up for lent at least
1. Alcohol ...drank to much pop.
2. Bread....ate too much chocolate.
3. White flour...ate too much rice and chips.
4. caffeine....finally kicked the coke habit.
5. Jam and honey....ate too many hot cross buns.
6. Chocolate....agony, ate too much of everything sweet

I enjoy the challenge and admire those who have pledged to give up buying clothes for a year and recycle but its beyond my remit.
One of my impossibly unattainable job application forms has asked for a photo, not something I relish as someone who avoids her reflection I enjoy my photo taken even less.

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