Saturday, 8 March 2008


The women above right are all from the City of Bordeaux, I saw many women dressed like this and even more specifically than the a large group of middle aged women who wore a summer dress layered over a long full skirt. The women on the right represent what I think of as my idealised middle aged 'Art teacher' look, although in reality they are from Amsterdam, I do love their look.

The Women on the left maybe from Bordeaux, but they truly do look like English Art teachers, on the left is a look from Rio de Janeiro but reminds me of my mother sunbathing in the garden!!

Finally Daisy's tribe is most definitely on the right, I wish the look on the left was me, I miss my Days wearing Jeans, but they are not allowed at work and I don't find them comfortable enough for slumming it around the house.
More here Versluis and Uyttenbroek explained here
This duo are coming to town and what rich pickings they will find, One of the elements of London I miss when I go abroad is that je ne sais quois WTF factor, most women on the continent are so tame or tasteful, but within mutes of hitting English soil their she was Ms WTF.
My school is divided cleanly into 3 tribes, the Chav, the Emo and then those who just can not be bothered. During the recent trip to the Tate Modern I called a group of girls over only to realise they were not from our school, they truly looked identical,yet when the girls from my school realised I had mixed them up they were really unhappy, they each believe their look is unique.

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