Saturday, 1 March 2008

Harry Callahan

After the overly gushy posts on the wonderful Dries Van Noten I have decided to cleanse the palate with these beautifully sparse images by Harry Callahan. I found the images at HackelBury Fine Art, I thought this had to be a gallery based in New York so good was the selection, but no, it is a stones throw from the V&A so that's now on my list of 'must pay a visit to' gallery's. I was very inspired by these photographs, although we've yet again failed to feel the crisp crunch of snow underfoot I think its a little late now. So instead of stalking emerging new blossom with my camera, I sat and chatted to the ex husband of one of Emin's Tenants, whilst he fitted them a new shower door. They are a divorced couple who both unbelievable have severe MS. She is generously putting her ex up after going to get him from Kuwait where he was living with his brother and mother ( who has severe dementia) He had fallen out with the brother, the sister in law and a house full of maids, he appears to have brain damage which leads to him speak what he is thinking! and so had become suicidal so she went to fetch him. She is renting one of Emin's houses whilst her house is treated for subsidence. You couldn't make it up really, but I was entertained, and sadly the day was gone.

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