Monday, 31 March 2008


I really enjoyed this, although there was very little sexual chemistry between Depp and Morton the overall look of the film was dark and very beautiful.

I took this out on a whim having enjoyed various re runs of Sharpe on the History Chanel. It is a whopping 6 hours of viewing, but even though it is 10 years old it looks fantastic and is gripping stuff (since I have not read the book) the one big irritation is the music which is almost unbearable and twice as loud as the dialogue. I have now borrowed the book from the library to read over the Easter break.

As an antidote to the grim film Elizabeth the Golden Years, I watched this. It is just fantastic and proves you can make a gripping film based on fact, not whimsical rewrites of history.

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La Belette Rouge said...

I love Helen Mirren and the Tutors so I have seen this movie many times. I actually like almost any movie about QE and/or Henry the 8th.
I have not seen Libertine or Vanity Fair. But, my husband has watched Sharp many-many-many times. Thanks for the tips. I am adding them to my Netflix list.