Thursday, 6 March 2008

I want that skirt

Well I spoke far too soon, I was out bid on a lovely skirt last night and paid too much for the one above, but still cheaper than the shops, I realise it duplicates the one I bought earlier but such is the perverse nature of my personality. I am now after some combat style skirts and maybe some patterned ones.
Whilst I was writing the previous post it did occur to me that as someone who has a degree in Fashion and Textiles I should actually get down the sewing machine, and rustle a couple of skirts up from scratch. After I left college I cut and sewed skirts for my entire family, during one of my marathon clear outs at Lucy’s I found a couple. I could knock up 5 a day such was the speed I could sew at. Where has that skill gone? I think some of it is lack of space and lack of peace. I need a large clean quiet area to pattern cut and absolute quiet. No interruptions. Just not really on the agenda unless I take the machine down to the new school.
I have also been very inspired by some of the pictures on Wardrobe mix once the seed is sown (sorry couldn't resist) I may get going after Easter.

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materfamilias said...

I've been thinking exactly the same thing -- skirts are quick and satisfying to sew, you can get pockets where you want them, there are beautiful fabrics available. My hurdle is simply getting the machine out of wherever I've tucked it away and finding new bobbins, needles, etc. Of course, all the sewing scissors have been dulled by years of being borrowed for anything but fabric so I'd need those as well. And where would I find pins now -- put them on the list . . . hmmm, this might not happen anytime soon!