Friday, 7 March 2008


There is one dinner that everyone loves, I have never had any complaints, when Daisy takes leftovers to school even her friends like as does the biggest fuss pot of all my mother. The food that unites is my pizza.
I use a packet of ciabatta mixed with water and olive oil. I press out the dough until its paper thin, smear with herbs and tomato paste and top with buffalo mozzarella and grated cheese. They love it.
I once got to the cheese stage and realised the Au pair had eaten all the mozzarella, so in desperation used Camembert sliced thinly over chicken I thought it was delicious but sadly not so with the girls, the worst crime was using Philadelphia cream cheese instead of the buffalo mozzarella. VERY big mistake, instead of gently melting over the top it stayed rigid in clumps which I was informed did not give good flavour or texture!

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