Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Polaroid R.I.P

This is me in my fathers office taken on traditional Polaroid film, which because it was fixed separately never faded.

As a child have various memories attached to my father, travelling across Europe in Land rovers, using reel to reel tape recorders, and Polaroid film. This article in the Guardian recently brought memories flooding back especially this part.
The special smelly, sticky film that made scenes and faces appear magically in your palm - or, in lower temperatures, under your armpit -
The Polaroid film my father used required this and that's the vivid picture I have, of jumping up and down impatiently whilst he counted to 60 holding the film under his armpit. Then the excitement at seeing the picture reveal itself, mostly of me of course and the the special sponge impregnated with fixative that had to be wiped over the image to preserve it.
It is a shame that Polaroid film is now no longer used, but I can not mourn its demise because digital photography has given so many more people the Chance to access photography, I'm just glad of the memory.

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