Thursday, 6 March 2008

Last nights dinner

I would love to sit and type that food is the glue that binds this family together. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth, the nearest we get to successful family eating is either a) eating out or b) my mother stuck in the kitchen for two hours conjuring up a roast dinner. Last night was absolutely typical of dinner time or rather lack of dinner time. I rush home from work and leave the house at 5 o/c to take Leyla swimming.
The Au pair has cooked Leyla chicken and chips which she has eaten, there is plenty of chicken left over. I go and say hello to Kitty who announces that she is "starving". I ask her what she would like, she does not know, so in a hurry I leave and the phone her up to say she could warm up the rice in the fridge and eat it with some of the fried chicken. No, this is not what she wants even though she is "starving", so I try again, what she would like to eat? Finally she decides on macaroni cheese, which as she knows has to be made from scratch from a roux. So I explain she will have to wait and I will cook it when I get back from swimming, knowing her mood will grow sourer by the minute.
So I get back, cook the sauce which is a basic roux with half milk half chicken stock and lots of cheese. To save time I serve it with spaghetti, job done. Leyla has some as well. To make it more interesting for me I dilute the sauce and add smoked haddock and peas, just as I serve up Daisy appears “mmm that smell good I’m starving”. I enquire as to why she had not eaten, but it transpires she did, she had a portion of chicken and chips but she is still “really hungry”. I give her my food. There is still some sauce left. So I once again de skin and thaw some smoked haddock and add some peas and cook some more spaghetti. Finally I sit down to eat,. I am over half way through the dish when in walks Leyla. “mmm that smell good” she proceeds to polish off the rest. Emin come in turns his nose up at what’s left so I pop it in the fridge for the girls for their tea the next day.
When I come back from the gym the next day, all 3 girls say they are starving, I ask why they did not eat the pasta. Emin had eaten the lot.
And that ladies and gentleman is just one day in my life of trying to feed 3 bottomless pits that are my children.


iwantaluxlife said...

Similar story in my house! Daughters 2 & 3 are still at school and get home at 4.30 they are desperate to eat dinner at 5pm which means my little boy does not really do any after school activities because I have to start cooking as soon as I get home with him about 3.35! My husband gets home at 8pm, I have to cook for him also, in between goes homework, reading, ironing, bathing etc - after school till bedtime is my worst time of day! I am elated when Hubby rings to say he is going out for a beer and won't need supper as this means I can relax with Emmerdale and Corrie(saddo that I am).

indigo16 said...

Not sad at all, life is bliss for me too when the cave man stays out, kids and men dont mix!

materfamilias said...

too funny! I'm glad those days are behind me.