Monday, 10 March 2008

Thought for the day

Gloria Swanson once said " I have decided that when I am a star, I will be every inch and every moment the star"
I think Mrs Beckham has taken this baton and run a long way with it. I do not usually buy English Vogue but I was seduced by its cover featuring lovely Mrs Beckam and interviewed by Alexandra Shulman, those that knock her forget that she has earned her stripes at a very young age and if this is how she chooses to live her life then let her be. Better this than the Lyndsay's and Brittany's of this world. As for setting a 'bad body image' example to children I find it strange that she is derided by the same people that lap up Carine Roitfeld of french Vogue, her recent interview regarding her attitude to size left me speechless and I suspect it will leave her crippled.
The difference between the views of these editors is amazing Shulman comes over as an almost accidental fashion observer whilst Roitfeld seems to live and breathe the world of fashion.
The added bonus to buying Vogue was a great article by Linda Grant about letting go of the detritus we keep from our past, although her analogy that taking a beloved handbag to a charity shop is like a mother taking a child to school and never seeing it again was a bit misguided. Let me tell Ms Grant nothing ever prepares you for the wrench of taking your off spring to school and it is not like letting go of a handbag. The article did remind me of when I cleared up my sisters flat and finding the outfit she wore to my wedding! as well as other fashion crimes that should have been bagged and donated years ago. I am ruthless and cling onto very little, when I was a young teenager I made a patchwork quilt from my much loved clothes which I still have, but generally I get a lot of pleasure from letting go.

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