Thursday, 1 May 2008

365 days

I have been writing this blog, the original post is here, and reads just a tad like a pompous old fart, but in many ways little has changed.
Today I must
1. Start blog
2. Send application forms for impossibly fabulous jobs
3. Paint some more stripes
4. Mark exam folders
5. Gym
6. Be a mother
Today I wish
1. Go shopping for clothes
2. Finish painting water colours
3. Paint lots of stripes
4. Put work on Flickr
5. Start pebble paintings
6. Hire a cook to feed impossibly fussy kids
Today I am looking forward to
1 .Chelsea Flower show
2. Royal Academy buyers day private view
3. Half term
4. Summer holiday
5. Spending my budget on lots of lovely oil paints, new scanner, printer, and D.S.L.R

And what's scary is nothing has changed, nothing. I am going to the gym tonight and I have so much marking to do I do not know where to start, and so the cycle of life goes on. The difference is that I think I have become less disappointed with life and happier with my lot because the more I read about the world the less I like what goes on out there.

One thing that cheered me up was I think, whilst my painting skills have languished underdeveloped, I have definitely improved as a photographer. So MEMO to self, I must organise and back up my folders onto a hard drive and then maybe over the summer I could pull my finger out and sort out my Flickr page


materfamilias said...

I haven't been blogging yet for a year, but what I've found is that altho' nothing seems to have changed, I have become more aware and appreciative of how rich my life is. From my perspective, yours seems very rich as well, and those quotidian things you feel are unchanging look quite interesting from here.
And I love your photographs.

indigo16 said...

Thank you, you are right my life is rich and I do count my blessings as and when I ever sop to count them!