Tuesday, 13 May 2008

When is short, too short?

Last week, Leyla called up to ask where her school tights were, I said they had not been put away, but should she not where socks anyway since it was so hot, and unless she was planning on sitting on a chair outside a whitewashed house on some Greek island scowling at tourists she might eschew the tights for once.
Leyla "Baba* won't let me"
Me "why on earth not?"
Leyla "he says my skirt is too short, so I have to wear tights"
Me " Oh, well maybe trousers would be cooler"
This takes me right back to one of my first dates with Emin where I was castigated for wearing a short dress, I was in love and so went and bought some cycling shorts to wear underneath, coupled with my armour plated underwear I am often rather hot. Longer skirts require a slip so its a no win situation really.
So with a heavy heart and a sense of deja-vu, I bought Leyla some shorts. Problem solved? no she was teased because they thought she was wearing boys boxer shorts. So now I have bought her a knee length dress instead. bloody expensive summer this is turning out to be.
Now if you thought this was a cultural difference think again, last week Daisy told me she had seen THE most fantastic Mambo skirt in the sale, a bargain at £10, so she asked her father to buy it for her, he said no, why? too short!

* Turkish for Daddy


La Belette Rouge said...

I don't have kids so please take my question with a grain of salt. But, if Baba thought the skirt was too short shouldn't he have bought her another skirt? I'm just asking.;-)
Lelya is so lucky to have a mom who buys her shorts and a dress. Hope she is having a great time in Greece.:-)

indigo16 said...

I get a government allowance once a week, so I get to splash the cash!