Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A sunny weekend

Well the sun is out and all should be good. Sadly the dog is very ill, with a mystery illness, we spent Monday morning waiting in a over heated vets surgery for a consultation where he was admitted and put on a drip. In one week the vet bills have amounted to £700+ and for the luxury of more diagnostic tests Emin will have to stump up £1,500 more. It is hard to believe that it is so difficult to work out what is wrong, its like an episode of House. So the moral dilemma kicks in do you play God and put him down? or do you put him through a barrage of tests only to watch him die slowly and painfully anyway? I am glad it is not my decision.
I then went to help my sister put up some blinds and she was miserable because her cat had disappeared. It is 4 days now, and so she is hysterically miserable, worried sick and fears that she is trapped somewhere starving to death.
Today, Daisy finishes school to go on study leave her mood is at best prickly and confrontational yet she says all is well, but I sense it is not, we shall see.
I have hatched a cunning plan to send her to live with my mother for 6 weeks once her exams finish so that she can work at the college either cleaning or waitressing, since my mother is super keen for Daisy to go to Oxford, I know she will seize the chance to indoctrinate her with the desire to go once she gets a taste for the high life, so fingers crossed. Paying her would be a bonus!


materfamilias said...

Despite the stresses of sick dogs and teenage moods, you nonetheless take marvelous photos. Wish I could hang around with you for a day or two to get some pointers. Sooo much for me to learn about photography.

indigo16 said...

I always tell the girls, practise practise practise, but yes you can't beat a great teacher!!!