Monday, 19 May 2008

The day I've had

Marking and moderating it is all I do. Non of it good or original. Which interestingly is Daisy's prognosis on Shakespeare. apparently he does not have many original ideas, so my year 12's are in very good company.
Her very important Maths exam cost me £7. £3 for a coffee and hot chocolate whilst we waited for the next train as our usual one was cancelled. £4 for a cab as she was almost vomiting with the fear of being late. Thank you Network Southeast.
I rather stupidly rented the film version of Vanity Fair. It appeared to have a good pedigree, writers actors all looked sound however all were hopelessly miscast not least the character of Becky Sharp. It was an anathema to me how anyone could choose a vapid pramface, (ooh I am so smug, Ive learnt a half way decent English accent) American actor playing one of literature's strongest female characters. I gave up half way. The sets were lovely, but the dialogue turgid.
In solace I turned to a new book, In The dark by Deborah Moggach. I loved Tulip Fever and hoped this would be as good, but I swear this is a Mills and Boon meets Jackie Collins shag fest. Every character bonks his way through the book. No plot just 20 ways to get a shag. I give up, I shall stick to galleries and go and see Tim Walker at the Design Museum instead.
  • Oh, Emin had his bike pinched, unlocked of course, slung outside the front door, a rather cavalier way to spend £270, I could have spent it far more wisely and enjoyed myself.
  • My sisters cat has not returned, there is nothing worse than having no closure.
  • It's bloody freezing again, how can it go from 27 to 7 in a week?
  • Leeds made the play offs, but she can't seem to get tickets.
  • I will be having a large Wisdom tooth extracted at the end of the month,
  • But on Friday afternoon I will be at The Chelsea Flower Show, Yeah, and maybe a bite to eat at ths fabulous sounding place The Botanist Every cloud

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