Monday, 12 May 2008

Summers here

The posts have been sartorially lite recently, so to update….
Last weekend I managed to find time to unpack the summer clothes and finally put away the wool and tweed, the problem with Linen, which is what most of it is, is that no matter how carefully you pack it away, it always looks creased when it gets unpacked again. Anyone who reads this will know that I have no ironing board and seriously cannot remember the last time I used the iron. So rather naively/ lazily I left them to hang in the wardrobe, but it has made little difference. So I will have to bite the bullet and get it ironed.
Interestingly for me, with my summer clothes the trouser/skirt ratio is far more evenly spread. I have a ‘thing’ for wide legged linen trouser which are much easier to find than the more structured winter ones. So with my new set of cardies I thought I was good to go.
Then as usual the English climate threw a curve ball and we have gone from 10 degrees to 27 degrees. Last year I sold the bulk of my camisole top collection on EBay, beautiful though they were, I have decided that after the age of 45 bingo wings should be neither seen nor heard, so having thought I had all bases covered sartorially speaking, I now realise that I have far too few hot weather tops that are suitable for work, and unlike so many people I know, I do not work in an air conditioned office and it can get incredibly hot in this room during the summer.
So it’s back to the high street for me then. I find it very difficult to find smart hot weather tops, weekends I can slob around in floppy T shirts, but my skirts need something more structured/ fitted. I did find a nice short sleeve grey cardie this weekend from M&S of all places which is perfect, but a couple more would be better. Needless to say they only had it in grey and as for the colours of their T shirts, not in Paris, so not for me either. I did think of another dress code apart from, Is it good enough for Paris? and that was, Is it good enough for a Gallerina? I have always loved the clothes people wear at Art fairs sort of edgy with a twist and that too creeps into my Psyche as I shop.
Most of the female population of the South East seem to have embraced the T shirt and swishy skirt combo. After a tricky week where most commuters still clutched coats and wore boots they have finally got the confidence to embrace the sunshine, and so they should because once Wimbledon arrives it is sure to pour. So the hunt is on.


materfamilias said...

I'm so glad I'm not in the classroom in the summer as I'd be facing precisely the dilemma you are over the sleeves. I have found several shirts, mostly white, but also a pale pink and a black, that have a mid-length sleeve, that are tailored enough to look a bit pulled together but loose enough for comfort on hot humid days.

indigo16 said...

I should maybe think about shirts more, they are way off my normal attire as I have a phobia about collars and cuffs, weird I know, but loose fitting, short arms, no collar, dark colour, should be a piece of cake! Oh not to be here in the summer....