Thursday, 1 May 2008

Loeffler Randall

We are likewise impatiently awaiting the launch of Loeffler Randall's city-sleek wellie. Arriving in stores for Fall '08 in four colors of puddle-proof rubber, the $195 wellie is based on Loeffler Randall's classic flat Matilde boot—and thus proves a genuine style-saver for downpour days. "I wear my Matilde boots pretty much every day," explains designer Jessie Randall, "and it was always a bummer to have to put on giant rubber boots every time it rained." One day, as she was wrestling off her slicker, it struck Randall that there was no reason she couldn't rescue women from the rainbow-printed, prepubescent-set rain boots and duck-hunting clodhoppers that currently flood the marketplace. "Why not a slim, chic rain boot that you'd be just as excited to wear as a leather pair?"
The last time I owned a pair of wellies I was in my teens, but when I saw these I actually considered buying them, once again it is raining hard enough to re float the ark, and my winter boots just look 'wrong' at this time of year. In the classroom I wear flip flops so these could be the perfect solution, except of course the price, seriously £100+ for rubber?

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