Friday, 9 May 2008

The view from here

That was not a week I wish to repeat, I helped bury Aslan (Emins dog) at 5am Thursday morning, he had died in the night, Emin has promised not to buy another dog, he has planted a pear tree on the grave and says he will sponsor an animal instead.
Our inspectors have been vile, although I have not been seen or targeted the atmosphere around the school has been very sour. How they think they are helping students education is a mystery to me. The moment they leave most staff pack up shop until the new term.
I have had little time to read or post this week, I will try to catch up next week but I am about to submit my final application form for this years transfer season, the window of opportunity to change jobs is about 3 months wide so if I have no luck I am stuck here for another year.
The photo is of my proudest horticultural achievement. I have managed to have a fully flowering Wisteria grow in my garden, its the floral equivalent of a visit from the Queen for me!


materfamilias said...

Glorious wisteria -- lucky you! I envy the visual and the fragrance. Have never tried to incorporate one in my garden what with their need for support and pruning, but I love to visit them.

La Belette Rouge said...

You and Materfamilias are making me wish I had a garden--and I am NOT a gardener. Congrats on the Wisteria.
Good luck with the job applications. I hope you get the job you want and if not there is always the option of becoming the horticulturist to the Queen. ;-)

Rollergirl said...

Sorry you've had a sh1t week, good luck with the job hunting. Onwards and upwards!

indigo16 said...

Thank you. Onwards indeed I am feeling lighter already.