Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Chelsea Flower Show (horizontals)

I loved the ginkyness of this garden.

A Scottish crofters garden, absolutely beautiful. I got one of my best photos from this one which I will post later.

Best in show, it was very good but not my favourite.

Last year I got a photo of some 'Daisy' chairs, this year the same designer had created these parasols and went a bit OTT with them but fun nevertheless.

For me this was best in show, absolutely beautiful from every view point, I took some wonderful photos of the reeds disappearing into the black void of water and the mural was fabulous too.

More from the Trailfinders Garden.

The most beautiful small garden complete with a small wave lapping on the shore line the sound was heavenly as were the accessories.

This planting is now synonymous with Chelsea, silver and purple with just a dash of acid is a beautiful combination.
I did not have as long to take photographs this year, but enjoyed what I saw. The weather was glorious, a perfect day. I will add more photos tomorrow. I ended up doing a Sartorialist and because it was so packed no one took any notice of me, I have made sure to chop off or conceal peoples faces. More later as I am editing.
Mother is not going blind, she has a lot of burst blood vessels in her eye which will need dispersing with 3 injections into the eye ball....yuk! Old age is a bitch, she retires in 2 months having soldiered on to get a small pension, what I find particularly sobering is that at her age her mother only had one year left to live. I new she had died young, but hell I'm only 20 years away myself and feel like a teenager. Hopefully mother will live a long and fruitful retirement, I shall have to keep her busy.


La Belette Rouge said...

So glad to hear your mother's eyes are better than you feared. Injections in her eyes? Will there be an anesthetic? I sure hope there will be.
Thanks for the beautiful photos.

indigo16 said...

I did not think to ask!!! I would need some stronger...