Saturday, 10 May 2008

A beautiful day

Finally, a day in the garden, weeding, digging, mowing, bliss. Emin came home with freshly baked Turkish bread, Haloumi cheese and a water melon, delicious eaten outside,


materfamilias said...

Does this photo indicate that you have a large-ish water feature in your yard? It's a lovely photo.

julian said...

What a georgeous photo, really looks like a painting (least I wish it was one of my paintings). What are the reflected colours from? I found your blog a few weeks ago while looking for Eric Rimmington's paintings (an old tutor). Have enjoyed perusing.


indigo16 said...

No, the water is from VERY large man made ponds near where we stayed in Wales, but a girl can dream. The colours are the new leaves of this years waterlilies. they emerge this amazing red which under the water looks stunning.
Thank you for the complement, I could have spent longer trying to get more photos, but I was stuck on a very narrow walkway with my family waiting as always.