Tuesday, 27 May 2008

An unexpected break

I received a mauling from the A'Level moderators on Friday, I then got a train to Victoria met mother and forgot about everything a the Chelsea Flower Show. The Botanist was a wonder space with great food and chaotic service, forgiven because it has only been open a couple of weeks. I have 200 photographs to edit, not just flowers either, however I am in Oxford being royally entertained by mother, I was to return to London today but she has an appointment with the eye specialist to find out whether she is really going blind or...
Blindness will not sit easily on my mothers shoulders, she is a very visual woman so`fingers crossed. Back online Thursday.


auntiegwen said...

Hope all goes well with your mum.

This is a direct quote from my moderators " You are a harsh marker, however you are accurate"

Feckers, the lot of them

Rollergirl said...

Fingers crossed for your mum. My 'stepdad' (well, my mum's partner) is blind and it happened gradually over the last two years. His issue was having to relinquish control as he is a very able person usually so found that bit hard. Can't imagine what it must be like :(