Monday, 13 September 2010

The colour green

I love the colour green. blue I love to wear and live with but to look at the most wonderful colour is green. Scotland is full of green in a myriad of guises and I love mixing the colour green to paint with. Recently I have come across some wonderful fashion photography and this months cover of Vogue has to be the best ever. The dress maybe more acid yellow than green, but I love it mixed up with pinks and oranges.

This image is from this weeks Saturday Telegraph Fashion supplement, a fine production as is their new fashion website
Based on Mad Men the photographs are brilliant, and thanks to illegal down loaders we in blighty have Mad Men earlier than originally anticipated and having caught up with the first episode of series 4 I can say it is better than ever. Every frame is a slice of perfection and Roger Sterling is just so funny.
I think the Times has made a BIG mistake making their website available only to subscribers. The Telegraph site is really good and embraces what makes the web so wonderfully inclusive. Sadly my favourite fashion writer Lisa Armstrong writes for the Times, she is head and shoulders above the rest so I try to purloin the Saturday Supplement to read her instead.

This image was scanned from the excellent free publication Pigeons and Peacocks that you can order via the London College of Fashion website

This is an advert from Oska whose dresses I frequently covet not such a glamorous image but I did love the green mixed up with a steel grey a refreshing change from the black and camel combo that has permeated every fashion spread this autumn. I was really looking forward to buying some camel/caramel coloured pieces this year but it clashes hideously with my olive skin, in stark contrast green works beautifully only it is currently pretty scarce.

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materfamilias said...

I'm always puzzled when people talk about green as being hard for so many to wear. I love it, and although some shades don't work, there are so many possibilities, and many of them have an interesting edge that enlivens the neutrals accompanying it.
I so miss British Vogue! It can be got here, but so pricey and generally at least a month behind time. Hmmmm, I should check out the possibility of a subscription, but suspect it would be ridiculously pricey. Oh well, I'll just have to visit London again -- how's that for budget smarts!