Friday, 3 September 2010

Take one......pair of loose leggings

My idea for a regular Friday post to see me through until the new year is to show you how one garment works in so many ways across my wardrobe.
Sometimes like next week it will be how something new breathes new life into my spring clothes. I thought I would begin with something old.
My Zara leggings, the reason being if there was a fire I would probably save these. Why? They are innocuous enough but they seem irreplaceable. I have a habit of being a serial buyer of certain items of clothing. Grey cardies, black skirts, black dresses, you name it, if I buy one I then for some unknown reason get the burning desire to replicate it. So I know for a fact that these leggings are as rare as hens teeth. Why do I love them? Well they have NO Lycra in them which means even when its hot they are cool to wear, they neither cling or ride up. Instead they skim and create length in the body which I love along with the little row of buttons at the hem. The whole 'wearing trousers under dresses' thing came with the package that is Emin, before my dresses were on the whole short or very well fitted, but what attracts a man is also what a man wants to protect and so I at first begrudgingly wore cycle shorts because one of the cruel ironies of life is that I do have decent legs. Eventually I began to wear trousers too and I have now perfected the art of modest dressing.
This is a life choice, before feminist hackles rise, trust me I get to enjoy a glass of wine and given the choice I will trade that over revealing clothes any day. The photographs themselves are shocking because the camera decided to focus on the smeary glass rather than the clothes but having played dress up for a day I could not be bothered to retake them sorry!
Left to right
V.old silk Jigsaw skirt and cardie.
My lovely phase eight dress.
My even lovelier COS dress with my heavy gold Massimo Dutti cardie.
That purple silk skirt combo you saw last term.
New COS dress that Leyla chose with a Uniqlo black cardie.

It is funny having been the queen of separates for years my current obsession is with dresses. I am today wearing that wonderful draped Isabella Oliver one I got in the sale. It is wonderfully gallerina.


La Belette Rouge said...

All of your outfits here are gallerina ready. I tend to love leggings with lycra. But these are fantastic. I am presently shopping for new leggings and I am also shopping for a grey cardie. I wish I could shop with you.

Patricia G said...

You're doing a great job here! Much appreciated from a lazy boring dresser. They all look really good. I wasn't sure about the red skirt but on closer inspection the fabric looks flocked so interesting. Leggings have been great for me as I like dresses and skirts but can't show bare legs (scars). Before I return to boots I wonder what you do for shoes? My biggest problem is I have wide, temperamental feet.

materfamilias said...

I got a similar pair of black leggings (by Julie Guermande, a french label) this past spring and I LOVE them! -- Like yours, they're not just a slightly heavier, unfooted version of tights, but a looser, yet weightier knit with some gathering at the ankle to provide some interest.

I agree with Belette that you've got a real gallerina vibe going on -- looks great!

indigo16 said...

Ok girls you have me blushing!!Thank you and there is more to come.
Patricia, as you can see we have a NO shoe policy in the bedrooms but I have real problems with my feet as one of them has torn ligaments and the other a heel spur! So it is flat ballet shoes, Birkenstocks and boots for me. I may post a photograph later.

Mardel said...

These are really fabulous outfits and agree about the gallerina vibe as well. I have a pair of lycra-less leggings that I love to death and they were comfortable all summer even though the humidity here could suck the life right out of you. But now I am looking for another pair, and perhaps one with leggings that is just right -- not as easy as it sounds.