Saturday, 18 September 2010

Slim Pickings from NY fashion week

It used to be that the high street followed fashion week, but I think you will agree that Michael Kors may have been shopping in COS! photo from cos
Can you believe the above and below outfits came from the Michael Kors show! I was stunned, I always had him pegged as one of those who ONLY did body con clothes for size zero and below. The Stella McCartney effect has permeated everywhere it seems. Oh and there is that COS top, I am not being facetious I really enjoyed his show but you must admit it lacks a certain originality.

The same of which cannot be said of Phillip Lim who's whole show is a slice of heaven.
I think wide legged trousers are on the increase, not that they ever went out of fashion but I have seen a lot during NY fashion week
Those colours are divine and do I detect padded shoulders creeping in?

A bit random I know but she does capture the zeitgeist

And on the theme of lusting after grey knitwear for which I surly have the biggest collection ever. I found a copy of the jumper above from Dries van Noten in Next of all places.

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materfamilias said...

Such wearable clothes -- I love this direction!

auntiegwen said...

I am probably the other purchaser of grey knitwear in this country. I am addicted to buying grey cardigans, I may do a post about my love of them, with photos so you can see which of mine you like

pd I can only go into Lara's room and cry