Friday, 10 September 2010

Take one camel jumper

So having decided to inject just a little more colour into my wardrobe I have been keeping an eye out for something to pep up all that black.
I have worn to death a putty coloured cardie from COS so when I saw this jumper I knew it just had to be. It is by Label Lab. a kind of poor mans All Saints. (I love their clothes) I was not even shopping when I found it, I had taken the girls to Bluewater for some lunch and I always park next to the House of Frasier outlet, I really like House of Fraser, but since relinquishing the car I find it too difficult to get to Bluewater which is where I used to go and track down a range of bargains in their sale. I don't like the branch on Oxford Street and so had not been for years. This jumper was almost the first thing I saw and I did resist until we were walking back to the car and in the end I just had to have it.
I Love it, it is very loose, but hangs nicely

Some of these outfits will have to wait though as summer is most definitely over and these have a spring feel to them.
As you can see it works well with both COS skirts as well as the COS harem pants. I also like the almost Yaegeresque feel I get when layering it over that big parachute like skirt I have, but best of all it looks great with a 'problem' skirt on the far right.
How so?
Well I LOVE the pattern on that skirt I love the weight of it too, a heavy silk but after years of trying to get something that is not too matchy matchy to wear with it I gave up. Dark colours look horrible with it such as black and navy, It needed a nice turquoise jumper but I find most jumpers are cut very narrow and so only have turquoise in a cardie, which then means I have to fins a nice not clingy t shirt.... and so the dilemma continued until I gave up. Then this jumper arrived and ticked a box. That is what I love about new clothes the way that they can unlock the potential of something you have had for years but never quite nailed.
Label Lab I will be back..


materfamilias said...

I love that! And now you've joined the camel brigade of coolness for this up coming season -- and you can wear the colour, which is tricky for me.
I'm still looking for the perfect v-neck for a "problem skirt" of my own, one I absolutely love but which is a challenge for very similar reasons to yours -- I don't want to go matchy-match with it, and it already has 4 strong colours in it -- I have the exact non-matchy desired colour in mind, but haven't come across it in my preferred sweater shape yet.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I need that jumper - love it!

indigo16 said...

Mater I feel your pain sometimes you have to wait for the right jumper to come along maybe we should open a shop!