Saturday, 11 September 2010

Lynn Yaeger

This amazing image from the wonderful Advanced Style Blog reminded me of one of my all time favourite style icons Lynn Yaeger here with another of my favourites

What I love is the way she layers everything with reference to textures of fabrics and those wonderfully muted colours. Believe it or not this way of dressing is not so dissimilar to woman I saw some years back in Bordeaux. They too would layer a dress over a longish fuller skirt.
From reading interviews with her I sense we like very similar designers, although I prefer a cleaner silhouette, but I still love her style.

That cardie trick is a good way to hide 'bingo wings'!
I once had a beautiful Fairisle cardie i bought from a shop on Beauchamp place. Oh how I WISH I still had it.

Oh those spotty brogues are brilliant

Memo to self, buy some red shoes

Photos from here here here here here here & here


materfamilias said...

Doesn't look as if she wastes much time worrying about how other sees her -- she exudes confidence, conviction, and above all, her own style -- Fun!

B said...

what a style she has! always had unique look... i remember lynn from 80 university... back in the day... way back...
Hey Lynn!