Friday, 24 September 2010

Take one pair of wool Toast trousers

Finally, finally he leaves the house and I get a couple of hours top play dress up. Only the light has gone and now I have a hideous yellow cast. Just use your imagination, I did try to stand beneath a spot light but with little success.
I realise this is not a pair of trousers but I just wanted you all to know that I can occasionally buy things other than from COS! Is this not a lovely tunic? Yes, not hugely flattering, but hey I love stripes plus even more I love grey, what's not to love?
The Toast trousers were from eBay*, when I bought them they were really cheap and only on arrival did I realise they were very high waisted and thus not very comfortable. They were worn once for my Turkish New Year debacle and that was it. Now they seem better, maybe I have trimmed some muffin top off who knows, but it is with tremendous trepidation that I try on trousers not worn for a couple of years. Can you imagine how depressing it would be if I could not do the zip up?
I should really try them with a shirt tucked in but time was short so I played around with proportion instead.

Left to right
  • How utterly lovely is this jumper? A billy bargain from Next, I bought it in a size 20 to get it really baggy, it is sooo soft I almost can't wait for the weather to cool a bit so I can wear it. I said almost...
  • Now this is a COS top again with wool, so very warm, I specifically bought it to wear with these trousers but guess what? The bloody blacks clash. I am gutted as it was my planned outfit for a housewarming party next week, le sigh
  • The stripy shroud..but I love it so who cares.
  • Ha, two in a row, have you ever loved something so much you buy it in two different colours? I have this cardie in a grey cotton, yes from COS, I love the structure and so when they did the same cardie in super soft black wool it was a must buy as it was in a lovely beige marle.

    I really laughed at Belgian Waffles perfect description of Japanese asymmetric shrouds with massive sleeves made of boiled wool. Oh the cap so fits me I know. Sadly I do not teach at Goldsmiths or work on Cork Street but my heart goes via there daily
* I have given up with eBay, which is a shame as I got some amazing quirky stuff from there including some gorgeous bags. Sadly it is swamped with fake stuff from China and I gave up, worse it is blocked from school so even browsing is a no no. I LOVE Toast clothes and even more the jewellery but the prices are very steep and the shop is miles away. If they would just open one in Covent garden I would officially be bankrupted but very very happily so


materfamilias said...

You've def. got this fall's neutrals and simple lines going on! I love that stripy tunic as well and I think it looks great on you--no way you could have resisted that one!

Borntoknit said...

Isn´t it a nuisance when the blacks clash! There are bigger problems in the world, I know. But still.

I loved those Zara leggings you wore a few blog posts ago. You do have really nice legs. It doesn´t matter that you have to cover them up.

Have a good weekend,


La Belette Rouge said...

Everytime i see a gray sweater I think of you. I think, I wonder what Alison would think of this. Yes, you are in my mind when I shop.
The new tunic is LOVELY. Love how simple the lines are.

indigo16 said...

A big THANK YOU for the positive comments, I only get to see the pictures distorted on a wide screen so I guess they look a little more flattering on a normal screen!