Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Something for the weekend?

Most weekends are interminably dull.
  • Get up
  • Walk dog
  • Washing
  • Gym
  • Food shop
  • Cook
  • Vacuum
  • Tidy
  • Walk dog
  • Despair at the lack of anything to watch on TV
  • Bed
Sunday ditto but without the food shop.
Kitty who always packs considerably more into her weekend often asks about mine, what is to say dull, dull, dull.
This followed by quite frankly one of the worst training days I have endured for years, a whole Monday of my life I will not ever see again.

This weekend we did manage to see Town, sans Leyla as it was a 15, I loved it, very impressive cinematography, the best review of the film was in The Times:

"If you're going to make a serious bid to re-establish yourself as a winsome leading man in a film you've made yourself, the one thing you do not do is cast mad Men's John Hamm in the same picture. It's like trying to show off your five-a-side skills by picking Lionel Messi to be on your team"
He just drinks the screen up.
This coming weekend is a very different ball game staring on Thursday night with Hamlet at The National followed by a 50th birthday celebration of the wife of Emin's uncle we call 'money bags' so, great food and the ritual humiliation of me on the dance floor. I am trying to persuade Kitty to come just for moral support!
I have just printed my Frieze Art Fair ticket the excitement is palpable so plenty to look forward to, not least the absence of Emin and Leyla for a week at the end of October allowing me free reign to reorganise the house.

Finally if you need cheering up play scrabble with Kitty, she entertained us throughout a rather wet two week stint in Scotland playing this game, her rules are make a word with as many letters as you can and then and only then look to see if you can place the word on the board. If that fails make a word up and ask quizzically what it means! Yesterday she announced that if only she had a D an E and a R she could spell Udder! I pointed out that the premise of the game was to use the letters you had, not spend an age wishing for letters you don't have.
Like I say hours of entertainment in such a small package.


La Belette Rouge said...

We so rarely do stuff on the weekend and so reading about your movie going, play going and art fair fun has me feeling like I need to actually get out of the house this weekend. I hope it cools down. We have had a MAJOR heat wave and it makes leaving the comforts of home almost impossible. Hope you have a lovely time with Money Bags!

materfamilias said...

Your weekend's looking awfully glam from my perspective! It's ages and ages since I've seen Hamlet on stage -- lucky you!
The Scrabble games sound hilarious! My students would probably not do as well spelling. They'r udrly awful ;-)