Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My next bag

No silly not this one, (see below)this bag actually, love Marni though I do, represents all that is bad about handbag design. Why do designers insist on a capacious bag with a tiny handle that prevents you from opening the bag wider than an inch. Oh yes, you can remove the handle, but at a busy check out? It just does not function, yet the shops are full of these bags.
My sister is Queen of Handbags she has more bags than I have owned in a lifetime, they are lovely too, Lulu Guinness, Orla Kiely even a Vivienne Westwood, unlike the monsters on this post they are all very girly, proper handbags that swing sweetly from the crook of your arm.

I in stark contrast have never left school in more ways than one, I love a good satchel, my favourite was the one I had from Mulberry. In general I like a nice cross body bag currently very much in vogue at the moment. Only recently I caught myself using a battered old shopper along with my handbag which is silly really. Another problem is I tend not to swap bags during the week, because you can guarantee I will leave my train pass or phone or purse in the other bag, so one bag has to last day to day for one term at least.
Recently though I have noticed that once I have squeezed all I need for the day in my handbag my shoulder aches with the weight of everything, so I have found it more comfortable to carry a shopper. Answer? I decided I might as well forgo the cross body bag and buy a decent leather shopper instead. Which brings me to this slice of heaven below. Pheobe Philo certainly knows how to make a covetable handbag, all of her bags from Celine were divine.

This is a perfect example of what I want and was apparently the bag of fashion week.

I love this one too, but as I do not have a cool £1,500 knocking around, (well I do, but it is currently paying Daisy's Uni' fees) I had to search for something a bit cheaper. Plus can you imagine spilling a yogurt in this bag? I would weep...Where to find a nice bag? Well I have always favoured TKMaxx, you get a huge choice and room to wander around road testing it. I narrowed it down to 3 last week but something irritated me about all of them, either the lining was too much or it just had one handle when I like two, or with his one it had black lining which means you can't find anything without a torch. However after a whole week of deliberating I went back to buy it because it ticks so many boxes. I could not find it so left it. A week later I went to have another look and after 20min's of trying even more bags out I saw it on the sale rack. It was already reduced to £60 from £130, and now was a billy bargain £43! It is butter soft leather full of fabulous pockets with the prefect length handle. Two days in and paper work and packed lunches have successfully been transported.

Welcome to my next bag.
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materfamilias said...

Wow! How perfect is that? Exactly the bag you wanted, reduced, and then reduced again? Lucky you -- although not just lucky as your persistence deserves acknowledgement.

I'm with you on functionality -- it's an absolute must in a bag. I'm finding my latest M0851 bag perfect for functionality although it's way more business-y than fashion. Like you, I rarely trust myself to switch bags during the week as I'll be sure to leave something crucial behind.