Wednesday, 22 September 2010

What larks

God knows what my workplace has done to my Internet access now, but it took me all day yesterday to find a way around the new hoops that needed jumping through I now have 10 min's to write and post! . Don't they understand I need this for my well being? Miserable Fuckers.

We finally got our dog back last night. What did you not know we lost him? No nor did I until on Sunday I got a phone call to say he had been found and handed in to the council. They had taken him to a dog pound in the back of beyond and would not release him until I reported him lost! So I did. We could not work out how he had escaped but it transpires that having mown the handkerchief of lawn at the front of the house I had left the side gate open. We always leave the back door open...(Hello burglars!) and so he had obviously made a bid for freedom. So where did he go? The park? The woods? The streets? No our dog, the Muppet had gone to the station..did he think I would meet him there? So the kind people managed to entice him into their office and phoned the council. He does not wear a collar but he is chip and pinned so that is how they found me.

He was released last night and amazingly delivered back with no charge, which makes me think some free bed and board might be on the horizon..... only joking.

I have slowly, and I mean very slowly begun to clear Daisy's bedroom, harsh I know but hey I need a room. It is finally cleared of all her paperwork plus various sundries. Moving a chest of draws I find the wrapper of a maids outfit! Good to know my hard earned cash has been spent wisely
The room is now clear of all her detritus and I am now free to turn it into a studio. Most of my painting stuff is at school so I will now wait until half term to collect it which will give me time to plan what I need.

I have manged to waste two days scanning my paintings the file of which kept crashing my computer. It transpired that I had scanned them at a somewhat forensic 4,000KB! each, twice the size of a photograph. So today I will sit and do it all over again after perusing London fashion week of course, third time lucky.

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materfamilias said...

Fingers crossed you'll scan those photos perfectly this time.
Your dog story reminds me of the time many years ago when I called the Pound looking for a dog that had gone astray. And found that it would cost $150 (astronomical 25 years ago, never mind now!) to get her back. She was a hand-me-down old poodle we'd taken pity on and at that point, I was sorely tempted not to ante up her bail money -- except that the Pound made it clear we'd have to pay the fine even if the dog wasn't claimed in time to escape being put down. We got her back and a child probably did without a coat that winter, perhaps a pair of shoes as well! ;-)