Saturday, 29 September 2007

10 reasons not to get out of bed

1. Parents complaining about their little princess being told off.
2. Daughters who will not just look at the other 6th form college even though the results are brilliant and she wants to go to medical school.
3. Its been so bloody cold you come home and pack the Linen away and get out the wool.
4.Your Christmas/New Year itinerary goes to pot because the only train to Prague via Cologne goes via Brussels and we have booked a hotel and Euro ticket to go via Paris, so now we have to go via bloody Berlin staying in the same boring hotel as last time miles from any interest..and it cost 4x the price of flying.
5. You get your gym bag and realise that you left your wash bag at the gym the last time, did anyone hand it in? no, bang goes my Liz Earle stuff.
6. Your youngest demands you paint a shoe box white, which you do but with the wrong paint, and do we have any turps no so my hands are whiter than the bloody box.
7. Your kids go to see their dad without doing their chores so you end up doing them again.
8. The dog craps under the washing line so you have to clean up dog crap alley after its rained.
9.The hose is broken so when you try to fix it the hose whips out of your hand and soaks your favourite cashmere hoody.
10. You are cold and feel fat.

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