Sunday, 9 September 2007

A cetain style

When we were in St Ives we saw this fabulous couple most days. When the rest of the town was decked in a wind swept surf style this lady would dress in a different colour coordinated outfit each day. Each was matched to a pair of high heels and always topped with a wonderful hat. My daughters would look out for her everyday and watch mesmerised by her finery, we even took to having bets on what colour she would wear. Outfits ranged from pale lemon & pink to white accessorised with orange. They would walk through the town and sit by the quay side chatting and sunbathing. Unlike the Sartorialist I cannot ask to take photographs of people I am just too shy so this was taken whilst pretending to look else where but it worked surprisingly well. To have such a strong sense of style, that is cool. I on the other hand always dress to complement the place (embracing the when in Rome philosophy) so here, it was denims faded hoodies, green combat skirts and flip flops So well can I do this that I was complemented on a flower frock I wore on Waikiki beach and in Europe I confuse the natives when they speak to me in there mother tongue and I answer back in English. Not cool but still very satisfying.

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