Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Something new

http://little-doodles.blogspot.com/ had a lovely visitor the other day so I shall look forward to the back issues.
As for the rest of the day....
I spent 2 hours number crunching just to satiate the desires of management, so much for Tony Blair’s initiative to put teachers back in the classroom. I then with horror realised that when I plugged the new camera into the school network I had not specified the area I wished to save the photos to, Four sets were lost in cyberspace, another 2 hours later I had hunted them down via 7 long painful stages but they are now where they should be and a lesson has been learnt DON’T JUST PRESS SAVE, look.
Hard to believe that during this I was teaching as well, but my ability to multitask knows no bounds at work.
My finally misery making task is to respond to another management directed piece of c**p. Assessment FOR learning as opposed the good old tradition of assessment OF learning, i.e.; scrawl over the work in red pen give it a grade and move on. Now we have peer assessment, formative assessment, summative assessment, on and on, molly coddling the little darlings through the pain of learning, not exactly preparing them for the harsh reality of life is it? It does not work, they either want to learn or they don’t, apart from financial incentives very little works so another 2 hour’s paper work when I should be doing more important things like of course this blog!
Oh and I forgot my favourite, G&T, not the drink but gifted and talented. I teach within a 5 mile radius of 5 girls Grammar schools and 1 selective school so the chances of a talented, let alone gifted child falling into my lap is some where between fat chance and no chance. Any that I bring up to speed jump the fence ASAP. 7 of my students gained a grade A at GCSE, each one is now doing A Levels at the Grammar. How do you quantify talent in a subject that is so subjective? All you hear at moderation meetings are “Oh well she can draw” so if you can render an object within an inch of its life consider yourself talented. Which brings me back to Kate.

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