Wednesday, 26 September 2007

This great city

As a child I grew up with the Science museum as my backyard and Hyde park as my garden.
Then I was whisked away to farthest Yorkshire for my formative years leaving me yearning for the bright lights. So when I was applying for art colleges every one was based in London and by a fluke I blagged my way into Camberwell. Happy again, I have stayed but recently I have felt a little jaded with this great city. Last week my cousin met us all for a bite to eat, she lives in Perth and had not spent much time in England other than as a U.M (unaccompanied minor). She was so enthused about the place and reminded me of what a cultural desert she lived in,with bands rarely visiting, no big blockbuster exhibitions and for all my moaning she is right. If you scratch the surface there are some fabulous quirky shops there is very little you cannot buy here. So a big thank you to Rebecca for opening my eyes and to Susie Brooks for the screen prints, I visited her studio on holiday and you can buy these via the

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