Friday, 21 September 2007

Everyone loves a sailor

Yesterday I took 40 students to Greenwich park to visit the Maritime Museum and do some drawing in the park, the weather was great, the kids were great, but the day was made for me by visiting a small but perfectly formed exhibition called Sailor Chic, at the end of the displays was a stunning Jean Paul Gaultier Couture outfit and some Antonio Marras drawings for the Kenzo Spring/summer ready to wear 2006. They were just utterly beautiful with exquisite detail beautifully drawn. If only I could find them via the Internet, but only the real thing was available, if you are close by have a look. When I had Daisy I dressed her from head to toe in the French fishing village style, matelot tops, jersey denim trousers and sailor dresses, but soon her own style kicked in and my ideas were taken off and discarded for strange combinations resembling Amish meets Hasidic Jew!
Both Kitty and Leyla have quickly found there signature style, each totally different, Kitty is like eclectic chav/emo. Leyla is groovy chic Gap girl.
Where do they get it from? how does this style evolve? I am a great believer that they are born like it and my influence is minimal, who wants a mini me like some celebrities do? I can but dream.

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miss *ann said...

loving sailor trend.