Friday, 7 September 2007

In for a penny..

I am down to the last scraps of goodness lurking in various pots of cream, my favourite has been the bag of Elemis goodies my sister bought me for Christmas. She is a real QVC fan and waits for the special value bundles to stock up on face creams. I thought I had hit gold with my Beauty Naturals web site, but the last batch was virtually unusable as my eyes reacted really badly to the creams, so like all rejects I use them up as body cream, so nothing is entirely wasted. As Elemis does not come on until 12th September I was seduced by the Liz Earle bundle, so I am looking forward to having some fun with that. But could I wait? no way, as bad luck would have it I have the car this week so the sirens at Bluewater called me and being a bit of a beauty cream tart I fell for the Decleor creams another favourite of my sister ( yes she loves her creams!) Financial suicide as I had just topped up with knitted Jersey vests and tops from Jigsaw and Gap, and had to buy Daisy a Hollywood style outfit for a theme party so thank god I do not have the car again because I saw some lovely boots.....and Paul Smith has just the most wonderful new fragrance (a slice of humble pie after that last post I know) called Rose It has to be mine.

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