Friday, 14 September 2007

Belgian Fries

The most disappointing part of my trip to Belgium was the fries, which have morphed into English chips. As a child I was lucky/unlucky enough to be dragged across Europe many times and as a child you tend to focus on the food to alleviate a) Travel sickness (well your stomach is always empty!) b) Constantly needing the toilet ( my father had the constitution of a camel and never ever stopped) and c) since we were always broke, its all that was ever bought for us.

But my most favourite food was a cone of Belgian fries with mayonnaise, which trust me back in the 70s was the height of exotic sophistication. So on my return that is what I was expecting but sadly no.
Other memories of food
The Good
1. Belgian fries circa 1970s
2. Hot chocolate for breakfast in a French Hotel ( as a five year old raised on cereal this was an awesome sight)
3. French butter.
4. Dutch farmhouse breakfast (ham, cheese and chocolate spread for breakfast utter bliss)

The Bad
1. German Rye bread
2. French bread
3. Any German farmhouse breakfast
4. Belgian fries circa 2007
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