Saturday, 22 September 2007


A great day spent at the V&A seeing the couture exhibition, spent most of the exhibition marvelling at the size of the waists. The clothes were fabulous too, we had a lovely lunch in the cafe, although sadly the courtyard was out of bounds. After a long meander round the glass galleries we sauntered down to knightsbridge where I managed to keep my purse closed despite temptation. I reflected that one of the problems with shopping areas in England is the generic nature of whats on offer, there are very few surprises. The dress my mother bought in Oxford can be found in Knightsbridge or Bath which means that sometimes it can dull the senses, especially after what I had seen,


Mrs Fashion said...

Yes, the waists are minute!

Badaude said...

The shoe and glove sizes are pretty terrifying too.
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.