Friday, 7 September 2007


Fantastic Video with a soundtrack by rock gods without peer Muse, check it out. I love the look of Eva Green when I was younger I longed to look like Isabelle Adjani, but my love of food does not marry well with the wasted french look.
I would like to say I liked the perfume as well, but there will always be a stigma attached to Poison, you could smell it on girls across the street. It became associated with girls of a fairly loose nature. As a child I would pinch a squirt of my mothers perfume Ma Griffe, I have in no particular order loved wearing Paloma Picasso, Dali, Gris, C.K one, Safari and my favourite one is Obsession. My olive skin tends to curdle most delicate fragrances so I gravitate towards the heady scents. Recently I have stopped wearing perfume preferring Molton Brown Body creams and spritz's.

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