Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Fashion philosophy

Philosophy as seen on http://www.style.com/ I want it all, it is so lovely, the stripes are my favourite. The rest of of New York fashion week has left me a bit cold even my lovely Very Wang was a bit lack lustre but I shall keep clicking to see if any other gems appear. I am suffering from a bit of sartorial insouciance, the weather is so summery I cannot face strapping myself back into my signature style of Layers.Footwear is an issue too, 8 weeks of flip flops means my feet squeal at the site of a shoe. I need a cold, windy, rainy day to whip me back into shape. I am currently glued to the computer trying to prepare some lessons but I get so carried away with following links that I get very little done, surfing style.com doesn't help. But good news the Au pair is here so my freedom is back.

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