Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The clock is ticking

3.1 Phillip Lim this is my fantasy look

I have 10 minutes to dress in the morning mostly in the dark or the dim lit confines of my bedroom. Having watched the weather forecast I plumped once again for Linen tunic and trousers (yawn) but horror of horrors I could not find the tunic I wanted and did want to wear the one I wore last week. The clock was ticking, 3 times I went through rails of clothes badly lit and squashed together, finally with 5 minutes left I change my plan spying a really pretty pin tucked grey shirt with balloon sleeves, I grab the black linen trousers to match instead, tick tick tick, then realise it needs a vest, the only one that matches I wore in the gym last night (if you are squeamish look away) so sorry girls out it came (I Haven't worked up a sweat in the gym since a misguided spin class 3 years ago) tick tick tick, I was good to go...I wish I could decide what to wear the night before but the weather forecast matters.

Is it my imagination or has American Elle morphed into Italian Vogue? I am not complaining its cheaper and I can understand the text.

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Mrs Fashion said...

Ha ha - yes to your Elle / Vogue suggestion! Edgy... but accessible